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2021 Membership & Jackrabbit November 17, 2020

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TOC Membership and Jackrabbit Ski Program 2021 registration link:



Trail Etiquette Refresher January 6, 2017

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Concerns have been raised about the cable by the driveway going into Doncaster’s property at the  pond. This is meant to dissuade ATV’s from entering and should remain up at all times. It is easy to duck under, or unhook and hook up again if bending isn’t your forté.
Donnie Doncaster remains very supportive ,as he always has, of skiers crossing his property and using the trails there on.
All the ski trails after crossing the Access Rd are on private lands and our use of them is by the consent of the landowners. Please be respectful of this. If you do accost motorized vehicles on the trails to discourage them from being on them, it is usually a good idea to make sure it is not the owner you are admonishing.
Finally, with the dusting of snow last night the trails should be very skiable- likely a violet wax or waxles skis would work today.

See Facebook page for details of yesterdays grooming.


Be Grateful to Landowners April 19, 2015

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Be nice to landowners. All of our trail system,  after you cross the Access Road, is on private land. If you see folks on ski doos or ATVs on any of our trails and are inclined to politely ask them not to go on the ski trail, please check first that it isn’t the land owner or his proxy you are chastising. Generally the only time unauthorized machines go on our trails  is after dark. If it is in the day suspect they may be the owner and best to thank them for letting us use their land.